10 interesting facts about Seychelles

10 interesting facts about Seychelles

On a legend, bible Garden of Eden was located in Seychelles. It is corroborated by an abundance of evidence, that you`ll never find in travel guides. That`s why we gathered the most impressive facts about Seychelles to share with you.

Seychelles Tortoise

The world`s biggest land tortoise named Esmeralda lives on Bird Island. It weighs almost 304 kilos. But it`s actual age is still unknown, as it was found fully grown. It happened 200 years ago, and since that moment, they counted Esmeralda`s age. So, it is possible that tortoise is over 300 years old. Another curious fact - Esmeralda is male. It was figured out not so long ago (tortoise’s gender determination is not an easy affair), but you won`t take the name away.

Giant turtle                                          Giant turtle

Seychelles Travel destination

Seychelles became a popular travel destination in 1997-1998 when the Miss World final pageant was held here two years running. Diana Hayden from India came out victorious in 1997, and Linor Abargil from Israel got the crown in 1998. Those remarkable events generated high interest to Seychelles islands, and nowadays millions of people from all over the world come here to get their own piece of paradise.

Seychelles beach                                                   Beau Vallon beach

Seychelles conservation areas

Conservation areas with endemic flora and fauna spread all over the archipelago. Wild nature of these areas is a unique example of the life on Earth undisturbed by a human. Fruit bats, blue pigeons, black parrots, and many other unique species inhabiting Seychelles islands are protected by the Seychelles Islands Foundation. They say, if you meet a black parrot you definitely come back to Seychelles. Would you like to check?

National park Morne Seychellois                                                     Seychelles nature

Seychelles Coco de Mer

Sea coconut or Coco de Mer is an endemic Seychelles palm tree. It is dioeciously – that means that it has male and female flowers located on different plants. Coconut from the female tree reminds the form of women`s buttocks. It grows to half a meter in length and weighs up to 20 kg!

Sea coconut                                                      Sea coconut 

Seychelles capital

The capital of Seychelles – Victoria – is the world`s smallest capital city. It is located on the north-eastern coast of Mahe island with total area 21 km2. The number of Victoria residents represents one-third of the Mahe island population. It is the only Seychelles city and port, and you can circumvent it on foot for a day.

Victoria – Seychelles capital                                             Victoria - capital of the Seychelles

Seychelles breadfruit

Breadfruit is one of the most popular vegetable delicacies on the islands. It can be grilled or stewed with spices and other vegetables, meat or fish. Cooked breadfruit tastes like a potato with fried onions.

Breadfruit                                                            Breadfruit

Seychelles islands

The archipelago consists of 115 islands scattered over 1,3 mln m2 ocean area. Seychelles is the only mid-ocean granite islands in the world. Most of the islands are covered with lush jungles and are home for unique endemic animals and plants. Only 33 islands are inhabited. Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are the largest and the most hospitable islands.

Seychelles archipelago – bird`s eye view                                                    Seychelles archipelago 

Seychelles Honeymoon

Seychelles romantic landscapes leave nobody indifferent. Honeymooners come here for the ultimate paradise setting. The Royal couple was not left behind. Prince William and Kate Middleton chose North Island for their honeymoon holiday. It is situated 30 km from Mahe Island, has no dock, restaurants or any public places, and you have only one thing to worry about – not to sleep through fantastic sunset.

Romantic dinner on the beach                                                       Romantic dinner

Seychelles diving

Seychelles islands are quite an adventure for dive enthusiasts. Endless coral reefs, mysterious caverns, tunnels, sunken ships, magical fauna and more than 900 species of colourful fishes – that makes the Indian Ocean underwater world unique for the exploration and getting unforgettable experiences.

Lionfish                                                           Lion fish

Seychelles Palm thief

The Seychelles islands are home for the largest in the world arthropod – coconut crab is also known as palm thief. Scientists confirm that it can carry up to 30 kg. This skill is necessary for dragging things only, but their basic diet consists of fallen fruits and dead animals.

Coconut crab                                                           Coconut crab

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