Seychellen Kreuzfahrt und Inselhopping

Fans of the exotic for a reason choose cruises to the Seychelles. It is compared to a journey through Eden, where azure waters of the Indian Ocean lap on the sugar-white beaches, and the abundance of flora and fauna amazes with pristine beauty and diversity.

Some islands of the Seychelles archipelago are uninhabited and hard-to-reach that makes them particularly attractive for exploring. During a cruise in Seychelles, travelers can visit several such islands: enjoy tropical beaches, admire wildlife, swim in the crystal waters of the Indian Ocean, truly relax and unwind and observe the life of the local inhabitants – exotic birds, fishes and giant tortoises.

Seychelles boats.jpg

You can only get to most of the archipelago by water either by private catamaran or sailing yacht as preferred choice. These vessels are usually moored in the port of Victoria, the Capital of Seychelles. From here sea voyages to the Islands begin at any time of the year as weather for sailing is excellent all year round.

Seychelles yacht.jpg

Island hopping

Seychelles archipelago is formed of 115 Islands. Given such a number of options, it is not easy to choose a cruise itinerary. However experienced travelers recommend obligatory to visit Islands such as:

- Curieuse,

- La Digue,

- Praslin,

- Bird island.

Each of them is unique and attractive in its own way.

Thus, the territory of the Curieuse Island is recognized as a national park. Here is the famous reserve Aldabra, where the giant tortoises roam and the palm tree Coco-de-Mer (sea coconut), that produces the world`s largest seed and palm flower, grows. The diameter of the nut can reach 50 cm and weigh 20 kg! It`s a real miracle that everyone must see at least once in their lives.

Aldabra tortoise.jpg

La Digue is considered a jewel of the archipelago: white-sand beaches (Grand Anse, Petite Anse, Anse Cocos) and coral reefs of the Island are distinguished by extraordinary beauty. Stay in the harbor of La Digue for at least a day and rent a bike for a ride through the fishing village to admire the local colours of the Creole architecture, luxurious villas and picturesque huts, coconut plantations and fantastic shapes of the granite rocks. Look to the Island`s forest: there is a chance to see the Venus flytrap. Only about two hundred of its species remain in the wild.

La Digue.jpg

It`s also interesting to explore Praslin Island. One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is located here – Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, an area of 19,5 hectares. In Vallee de Mai, as on the Curieuse Island, you can see Coco de Mer palm with its unusual seed and meet endemic animal species, such as the black parrot. According to local legend, meeting a black parrot brings happiness. If possible, climb to the top of the Zimbabwe Mountain, offering spectacular views of the Island.

Praslin island.jpg

Bird Island is also worth visiting. It is located 96 km from Mahe Island; it will take you 6-8 hours to get there by sea. Bird Island is a paradise for eco-tourism and birdwatching lovers. What is remarkable about it? Millions of birds! It is home to more than a hundred species of birds: judcock, European nightjar, black tern, the same black parrot and many others. Also on the Island lives the largest and oldest tortoise on the planet named Esmeralda. “She” weighs almost 304 kg and it is over 300 years old. Bird Island is perfect for underwater fans: it is surrounded with coral reefs reaching the depth of 1 800 meters.

Bird island.jpg

We told you about the most popular amongst travelers to Seychelles Island. But you can choose your own version of the cruise route and take an adventure on the waves of the vast ocean – like real explorers!

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