Seychellen Wanderwege

Hiking is the best way to experience Seychelles islands local colour and sights. While walking through breathtaking landscapes you can discover the treasures of this living museum up-close and find yourself alone amidst unspoilt nature.

The most interesting islands for hiking are:

• Mahe
• La Digue
• Praslin

Hiking preparation

It is pretty hot and humid in Seychelles, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes (sneakers or trekking shoes), light clothing of natural fabrics and a hat. Hiking takes much energy, so bring along water and a simple snack.

hiking shoes.jpg

Mahe hiking trails

Mount Copolia trail

Copolia trail is the most popular among tourists on Mahe Island. It goes through the Morne Seychelles National Park, which is 500 meters above sea level. Final destination of the path is Morne Blanc mountain peak, from which you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the main Mahe sights. On clear days, the view stretches all the way to the neighbor islands – Praslin and La Digue.

Way to the top takes about 40 minutes and requires physical fitness, as there are some steep rises on the path. The trail is 960 meters long, but you will enjoy every step! The old tea plantation, miraculously beautiful forest covered with bentgrass, moss and ferns, colourful birds – you`ll make hundreds of amazing photos.

copolia trail.jpg

Anse Major Trail

Anse Major Trail leads to the small isolated white-sand beach with granite rocks. It goes through the Morne Seychelles National Park on the rocky north-west coast of Mahe. It will take you an hour and a half to get to the beach and on the way you`ll have a great chance to admire breathtaking mountain and ocean scenery – you won`t be sorry for the time spent on the trip!

Morne Seychellois

Morne Seychellois is the highest point on Mahe Island at over 900 meters above sea level. This mountain peak gives its name to the National Park – Morne Seychelles.

The trail passes through the park and elevates to the mist forest covered with jack fruits, tall cinnamon trees and other endemics. Tourists are strongly recommended not to stray from the path, as there are several holes and caves highly camouflaged due to the thick jungle undergrowth. So this trail will make you sweat but it`s worth the effort.

morne seychellois.jpg

Vacoa Nature Trail

This trail is short and good for beginners. It follows Dauban River and goes through mangrove swamps inland – to the forest. On the way you`ll see local pines – Pandanus or Vacoa, which gives its name to the trail.

Praslin hiking trails

Vallee de Mai

This UNESCO site offers three routes, including circular. There are trails with duration from one to three hours. Whichever path you choose, be sure to get an adventure of a lifetime!

So, pay for the entry ticket, get the map and go. If you`re lucky, you`ll meet rare birds, unique to Seychelles, on the way: bulbul, black parrot, sunbird, blue pigeon and other.

vallee de mai.jpg

Vallee de Mai trail is easy, as most of the time you walk under the shade of the giant palm leaves. They belong to the endemic to Seychelles dioecious coco de mer palm – symbol of the islands. Do not miss the chance to take a picture with its unusual seeds – 20-kg nuts in the shape of lady`s forms.

The central path is the end of the trail. Here on the right side you`ll see the blooming pandanus. Its flowers remind of stalks and are notable for the flavour similar to a rose.

coco de mer.jpg

Fond Ferdinand

Fond Ferdinand natural reserve was opened not so long ago. Here, as in Vallee de Mai, grow coco de mer palm trees and other endemics, but younger. Fond Ferdinand has not gained tourists` popularity yet, so it`s quiet enough about there. All the better to enjoy your walk in the park.

Trails in the reserve are pretty challenging, some of them go on the sunny side. The park is situated on the side of a hill, so you have to climb up all the time. But panoramic views from the highest point of the island are worth the time and efforts spent. From here you`ll see islands Curieuse, La Digue, Felicite, Coco, Fregate, Mahe and Sillhouette, and in fair weather – Denis Island also.

Glacis Noire

The trail is free of charge, but not an easy: there are no developed routs, the path is narrow and sometimes is covered in greenery. But if you want to see a black parrot, try exotic fruits and admire the glories of true Praslin nature, choose Glacis Noire trail. At the end of the way you`ll find yourself on top of a hill, near an old fire tower. This is another suitable place in Seychelles to view the surroundings from above.

black parrot.jpg

La Digue trails

Belle Vue

The route includes a trek up to Nid d`Aigle Mountain, which offers 360degree view to the islands of La Digue, Praslin and the surrounding area. From here you can go down to the Anse Cocos beach or to the port.

Anse Source D'Argent

The trail covers the coast and rainforest and has several options depending on the level of traveler`s training. The path starts from Anse Source D'Argent – a beach with huge boulders dividing it into many lagoons. The beach is so beautiful that you`ll want to capture every meter of it. According to national Geographic, Anse Source D'Argent is the most photographed beach in the world.

anse beach.jpg

While hiking in Seychelles, meeting local animals, birds and plants is inevitable. Thus, Seychelles is home to a rare paradise flycatcher, a black parrot and two species of sea turtles, also here grow more than 20 species of palm trees. And you have a chance to see all this – just look around!

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