Schwimmen auf den Seychellen: Gesunde Vorteile

The Seychelles islands are the perfect place for vacations and enhancing your immune system.

The great and comfortable climate, local fruits and vegetables strengthen our health much better than meds or bioactive additives. Add to this the Indian Ocean and let`s find out why is swimming so good for your health.

30 minutes of swimming a day are enough to feel light and energetic, cheer up, and have a good mood for longer than usual. The thing is that swimming has a positive influence on our body and mind.

Bodyweight control and posture improvement

woman in the ocean

Swimming helps to burn quite a lot of calories. Therefore, it is a best way to support a healthy diet and fit body. The most energetically demanding swimming style is a butterfly.

Moves in water help all the back muscles work out without strong pressure on a spine. It is particularly beneficial for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and move very little.

Positive influence on heart and lungs

Seychelles ocean

Swimming trains the heart and vessels in ideal conditions for a human body. It improves and enhances the functions of the cardiovascular system, lowers a heart rate, tone up vessels and their walls, normalizes blood pressure.

Swimmers develop perfect breathing that is deep and rare. The main advantage is that it helps lungs to rest, enlarges their volume, and slows the wear down. Moreover, humid air also has a positive influence on the lungs.

Improvement of brain functions

Seychelles pool

When we swim, blood flow to tissues, organs, and brain increases; it helps to enrich the cells with oxygen. As a result, one of the swimming health benefits is improving brain functions and activity.

The specialists recommend swimming with the use of different styles to make it more effective: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and even dog paddle.

Relaxing effect

Seychelles pool

Sooner or later all of us face stress, especially in everyday life routine. Swimming is a great way to relax and forget about problems. Sounds of water take the edge off, regular activities help to get rid of insomnia and improve the quality of sleep

Swim for your health, and let the Indian Ocean make you healthy and happy!

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