Information for travellers

Effective starting 1 December 2022, Ministry of Health presented new entry and stay conditions for incoming travelers. We recommend that all our guests adhere to the measures provided at and stated by the Seychelles government and take care to fulfill some of the requirements even before arrival.

Routine requirement for COVID-19 vaccination or for negative COVID-19 test has been removed and is no longer required.

However, regardless of immigration status visitors to the Seychelles, including travelers in transit to other countries via Mahe Airport, must have an approved Health Travel Authorization (HTA). This includes children, infants as well as Seychellois and all foreigners. It can be done via mobile app or the website The application can be made between 72 and 9 hours before departure. The reviewing process may take up to 9 hours before validation. A visitor will not be able to board the plane to the destination without the HTA.

If you are not Seychellois citizen, you must to ensure, you have a valid travel insurance with full medical coverage, including COVID-19 related isolation, quarantine and clinical care, for the duration of their entire stay in Seychelles. For GOP-holders, a relevant cover for potential health and COVID-19 related costs is required.

Please note, on arrival it may be subject to routine health screening regardless of immigration status.


All individuals arriving in Seychelles are advised to report any symptoms they develop, that may be associated with COVID-19 to their nearest health center, and may be subject to testing, isolation, care and/or quarantine, as indicated by national protocols in-effect.

New Environmental Sustainability Levy

Starting 1 August 2023, Seychelles implements New Environmental Sustainability Levy to Enhance Green Initiatives. Under the newly introduced levy, all visitors to Seychelles will be required to contribute on a per person/per night basis. The payment will be made directly to the hotel, ensuring a seamless and convenient process for travelers. The cost will be 100.00 SCR per person, per night. It is to be noted that the Levy will not be applicable to citizens and residents of Seychelles, children of 12 years and below (visitors), and crew members. Official information is available via the link here.

The information required to apply for an HTA:

– Valid passport

– Recent passport picture OR a selfie picture taken during application process

– Contact details (home address, telephone, email)

– Travel information (arrival flight number, seat or cabin number, departure and arrival airports or ports, date of departure with initial flight in case of corresponding flights)

– A valid travel insurance with full medical coverage, including COVID-19 related isolation, quarantine and clinical care for the duration of the entire stay in Seychelles

– Credit or debit card information


– Visitors may only stay in establishments that have been certified by the Public Health Authority. Coral Strand Smart Choice has a health certificate by the Public Health Authority of Seychelles. Visitors are required to adhere to all health protocols in place at their respective tourism accommodation including wearing of facemasks in common areas.

– All individuals arriving in Seychelles must report any illness to their hotel management, local health centre and/or public health authority, even if fully vaccinated.

– To ensure the safety of staff and visitors, clients and staff should do self-monitoring for COVID-19 illness and reporting of any symptoms. Immediate reporting should be done to the hotel management staff and subsequently to the Public Health Authority.

– Any visitor regardless of his vaccination status, who develops symptoms compatible with COVID-19 during their stay, or through investigation is proven a close contact of a positive person, may be subject to further assessment and testing.

– Where visitors are assessed to be close contacts of a potentially infectious case of COVID-19, they will also be issued hotel-quarantine as per guidance.

– Visitors, regardless of their vaccination status, must continue to observe all health measures especially in all public places, such as consistent use of facemasks, maintaining social / physical distancing, practice respiratory, and hand hygiene throughout their travel and stay in Seychelles.

– In case when guests have been vaccinated, a valid vaccination certificate must be issued by an entity registered and recognized by a national or provincial authority such as the Ministry of Health or Public Health Authority, and must identify the holder of the certificate who has completed a full course (the two doses). The name and manufacturer of the vaccine must be presented. Ideally, the certificate should contain a barcode.

– Visitors must have valid travel health insurance that covers, at minimum, COVID-19 related isolation, quarantine and clinical care.

Your safety, comfort and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. Though we have always placed high emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene we have now stepped up our control measures in order to ensure every stay of our guests is safe, clean and comfortable.

Airport Transfers

– Transfer of visitors from the airport to the place of accommodation is carried out only by authorized transport and visitors must at all times follow instructions provided by the operators. Airport transfer can be arranged for Coral Strand Smart Choice guests. For transfer reservation, please provide us with your flight details by email: [email protected] at least 72 hours before arrival date.

– Visitors will not be authorized to use public buses.

– All visitors must observe rules for physical distancing, avoiding close physical contact such as handshakes, and wear a facemask throughout the journey to the establishment.


Any visitor wishing to indulge in recreational activities such as tours, excursions, sightseeing etc. are required to use licensed tourism service providers that have been certified by the Public Health Authority. Please visit for the list of approved tourism service providers.

Return Flight

PCR testing is not required routinely to depart Seychelles. However, your airline or final destination may require it. PCR test facilities are available on the three (3) main islands namely Mahe, Praslin and La Digue to visitors prior to departure. Visitors requiring the test should contact the Public Health Authority at least a week in advance on the email address [email protected] or telephone +248 4388410 to make the necessary arrangements. The PCR test currently costs SCR2, 500.00. Effective as of 24th May 2021, children below the age of 12 years and persons of 63 years and above will also be charged the same fee for PCR test.

Two Private Health Service Providers (Euro Medical and Seychelles Medical) offer on-site sample collection and PCR test at a cost. The contact detail for Euro Medical Tel: + 2484324999 or + 2482715763, website for additional information is and the contact detail for Seychelles Medical +2484366999 and their website for additional information is

However, testing is still being done through government laboratory at the Seychelles Public Health laboratory of the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health accredits all PCR tests administered in Seychelles.

PCR test can be done directly at Coral Strand Smart Choice:

– Express Service received result next day 110 Euro per person

– Express Result 12 hours 125 Euro per person

– Fast Track Service Result 8 Hours 225 Euro per person

Seychelles Medical Nurse daily in hotel from 08:30am to 09:30am.

Please note that if you receive a positive PCR test result, regardless of your COVID-19 vaccination status, the Public Health Authority requires that you are isolated in your hotel/guesthouse at your own cost for a minimum period. If you are without any symptoms throughout, you may expect to be released by the 10th day from the date you tested positive. If you develop any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 illness, the required period of isolation is 14 days.

Any of your close contacts, for example a travelling companion, who might have been infected, may be asked to undergo quarantine.

During the isolation/quarantine period, guests may not change accommodation, except with the approval of the Public Health Authority. A repeat test is not required at the end of the period, unless required by the airline or next destination country. At the end of this period, you will be issued with a certificate or letter of completion of isolation.

A second test by a different laboratory immediately after the initial positive result does not invalidate the first result.

You should be aware that such a second test, even if negative, does not alter the public health measures, including isolation that are required on the basis of the initial positive test.

We are committed to welcome our guests to our hotel with the same warmth and hospitality. Whenever you are ready to travel, our team will be here to welcome you for yet another memorable experience with us.

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