Dans Gallas Trail

The Dans Gallas Trail on Mahé leads to one of the most spectacular viewing points on the island. After a 2.5 km climb, you will reach the top, where you can enjoy views of the wonderful eastern coast of Mahé, including the capital of Victoria, as well as the offshore islands of the Sainte Anne Marine Park.

Dans Gallas Trail

The Dans Gallas Trail on Mahé is one of the few “difficult” hikes in the Seychelles. Once you arrive at the starting point, you’ll find an overview board that tells you lots of information about the trail. Once you’ve got your bearings, it’s time to set off! The start is on a paved path that twists and turns through tropical trees, including papayas, passion fruit, and star fruit trees. With a bit of luck, you might even be able to enjoy a ripe piece of fruit straight from the branches!

After you’ve taken the road to the end, it leads into a forest path. Here, nature begins, with some sporadic steps, leading you up towards the top of Mahé.

Follow this path for a while until you reach a small wooden hut where you can take a break. Enjoy the view here of Beau Vallon and the island of Silhouette, which can be seen in the distance. The blue tones of the sea are especially impressive here in the sunshine, inviting you to pay a visit to cool off after your hike.

After you’ve made it past the first part of the hiking trail, it’s time to continue towards the end point: the viewing point at the top. Along the way, discover various plant species, including palm trees and cinnamon plants, whose leaves are often used in local curry dishes. Besides that, enjoy panoramic views of the green mountains along the way. Listen to the birds and flying foxes in the trees, as well as the sounds of a waterfall that can be heard nearby, creating a truly idyllic atmosphere.

Follow the trail, which is easily visible at all times, with distance markers (at 1.5 km, 1 km, and 300 metres remaining), through the palm tree forest. Go past numerous huge palm tree leaves, some of which may even be bigger than you! Finally, the last quarter of the hike is a little easier, as here you can use steps, which cover most of the final stretch, making the final push that much easier.

It can be a little slippery at times, depending on the weather, so be sure to watch where you’re stepping and where you’re holding on to, as some branches and twigs are quite spiky. The steps will certainly make you work up a sweat, so plan some time for breaks and make sure that you drink plenty of water!

Once you’re past the steps, you’ll reach some giant granite boulders, which are impressive in and of themselves. Finally, there is a ladder that leads up the last 100 metres or so to the viewing platform.

From here, you can enjoy stunning views of Beau Vallon on one side, and the islands of Sainte Anne, Cerf, Moyenne, Round, and Long on the other side, all of which belong to the Sainte Anne Marine Park.

You can also catch glimpse of the capital, Victoria, its harbour, and the offshore “energy island”, consisting of wind turbines and solar panels. Freshen up with a cool drink and let the view sink in while you take a photo or two. Why not put a drink in the freezer the day before for an extra refreshing experience.

After the 2.5 km trail, it’s time to head back down the same way. This will again require some concentration, as it can be very steep back down. After around an hour, you’ll find yourself back at the start.

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