Information about COVID-19 for hotel’s guests

COVID-19 in Seychelles: the latest information

Dear Valued Guest,

As we are confronted by the COVID-19 outbreak our thoughts are with those who are affected by this directly and indirectly during this difficult time.

The Seychelles Islands remains one of the world’s safest destinations to travel to right now. Since August 1, 2020, Seychelles has opened its borders to scheduled commercial flights, allowing tourists from around the world to enjoy local hospitality. Visitors are requested to adhere to all measures stated by the government of Seychelles and ensure that all requirements are met prior to arrival.

Pre-travel Procedures

1. Visitors coming from low risk and medium risk countries must have a negative COVID-19 PCR certificate from an authorized laboratory dating no more than 72 hours from the date of travel. Visitors coming from high-risk countries will not be authorized to enter Seychelles, with the exception of 7countries with special status, which include Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria and the United Arab Emirates. Visitors coming from the countries with special status must have a negative COVID-19 PCR certificate from an authorized laboratory dating no more than 48 hours from the date of travel. Please visit for the list of approved low and medium risk countries.
2. Visitors must ensure that accommodation bookings are made only at licensed accommodation establishments that have been certified by the Public Health Authority, like Coral Strand Smart Choice. Visitors coming from the countries with special status must ensure that accommodation selected for the first 5 days of their stay in Seychelles is on the list of transit hotels authorized to accommodate visitors from countries with special status. Coral Strand Smart Choice is not a transit hotel and cannot accommodate visitors from the countries with special status during the first 5 days of their stay in the Seychelles. All booking vouchers reflecting the entire duration of their stay in Seychelles must be presented at the immigration counter for verification.
3. Visitors must ensure that they have a valid travel insurance with full medical coverage, including COVID-19 related medical care, for the duration of their entire stay in Seychelles.
4. Effective September 15, 2020 visitors to the Seychelles, including travellers in transit to other countries via Mahe Airport, must have an approved Health Travel Authorisation (HTA). This includes children, infants as well as Seychellois and all foreigners.

Visitors must apply via the Seychelles Travel Authorisation mobile app or the website The application can be made between 72 and 3 hours before departure. The reviewing process may take up to 3 hours before validation. A visitor will not be able to board the plane to the destination without the HTA.

The information required to apply for an HTA:

• Valid passport.
• Recent passport picture OR a selfie picture taken during application process.
• Contact details (home address, telephone, email).
• Travel information (arrival flight number, seat or cabin number, departure and arrival airports or ports, date of departure with initial flight in case of corresponding flights).
• The information on the hotel a visitor will be staying at.
• Negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate.
• A valid travel insurance with full medical coverage for the duration of the entire stay in Seychelles.
• Credit or debit card information.

The application procedure:

1. The first step would require one to fill out the application and ensure all data are entered correctly. Each individual is required to apply separately for an HTA. For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent or accompanying adult is responsible for completing the application.
2. The visitor will receive an automatic email confirming reception of application. This email will contain the reference number assigned to the application. The reference number can be used to check the application status by following the link:
3. After submitting a 50 USD fee will be charged per application. The visitor will receive an automatic email confirming the payment.
4. The visitor will receive an email with a clear response on the eligibility to travel within the next 3 hours.
• If the application has been approved, the visitor should print the PDF document that has been attached to the email, download the document to the personal mobile device or save it in the “Seychelles Travel Authorization” mobile app. This is the travel authorization that needs to be shown at the departure and arrival points.
• If the application has been denied, the visitor will not be able travel to Seychelles for the moment and recommended to contact the Public Health Authority on to obtain further details.

The HTA is valid for one journey only and must be repeated for each journey. It expires once a visitor exits the country.

The HTA is only valid together with the corresponding passport and COVID-19 PCR test certificate that were submitted and accepted.

Airport Arrival

1. The Seychelles International Airport shall ensure that measures are in place for safe movement at the airport as follows:
• Disembarkation should be done in an orderly manner based on inflight seating arrangements.
• Face masks should be worn before leaving the aircraft.
• A safe distance of at least one metre should be maintained between all visitors, passengers and staff at all times.
• Visitors should practice good hand and respiratory hygiene.
• When collecting luggage, visitors must ensure that a safe distance of at least one metre from other persons is maintained. The area within the conveyor belt has been demarcated to guide visitors.
• Visitors may make use of trolleys that have been disinfected and located at clearly demarcated areas.
2. All visitors will be subjected to temperature checks and health screening.
• Any visitor who disembarks with respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose or shortness of breath will be isolated from other travellers and be subjected to further tests.
• Additionally, visitors may be required to undertake a COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen test upon disembarkation. The airport arrival COVID-19 tests are provided free of charge when necessary.

Airport Transfers

• Transfer of visitors from the airport to the place of accommodation is carried out only by authorised transport and visitors must at all times follow instructions provided by the operators. Airport transfer can be arranged for Coral Strand Smart Choice guests. For transfer reservation, please provide us with your flight details by email: at least 72 hour before arrival date.
• Visitors will not be authorised to use public buses.
• Visitors must maintain physical distance at all times and wear a face mask in the vehicle.
• Visitors with connecting domestic flights to other islands should remain on the airport compound.


Visitors coming from low risk and medium risk countries:

• Visitors coming from low risk and medium risk countries may only stay in establishments that have been certified by the Public Health Authority. Coral Strand Smart Choice has a health certificate by the Public Health Authority of Seychelles.
• Upon arrival in Seychelles, visitors must stay in not more than two accommodations for the first 7 days.
• Visitors are required to adhere to all guidelines in place for hygiene and physical distancing and should keep interaction with other visitors not in their travel group to a minimum.

Visitors coming from the countries with special status:

• Visitors coming from the countries with special status may stay only in transit hotels during the first 5 days in the Seychelles. Coral Strand Smart Choice is not a transit hotel.
• Visitors must remain on the premises of their transit accommodation at all times. Daily temperature and health checks of visitors will be recorded.
• Visitors will undergo a PCR test on the 5th day after arrival at the transit accommodation. This PCR test will be at no cost to the visitor. If the PCR test is negative, visitors will be free to continue with their planned holiday. If the test result is positive, the visitors will be required to stay in a designated stay-safe hotel until cleared by the Public Health Authority.

Your safety, comfort and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. Though we have always placed high emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene we have now stepped up our control measures in order to ensure every stay of our guests is safe, clean and comfortable.

Some of our measures include:

• Rigorous cleaning and sanitization of guest rooms and public areas.
• Frequent sanitization of high-contact points, such as elevator buttons, door handles, reception counters, rest rooms etc.
• Sensor based hand sanitizers placed in all public areas of the hotel.
• Infrared thermometers available at front desk to conduct temperature checks of our guests and employees.
• Availability of medical masks and gloves for our guests and employees.
• Regular training of our employees ensuring proper hygiene and awareness of COVID-19.
• Strict hygiene protocols are in place for staff in the kitchens, restaurants, in-room dining, to ensure food is prepared and handled properly.
• Updated and detailed cleaning checklists, including the use of professionally identified chemicals and agents for all areas, including laundry, are being followed and monitored closely.


Any visitor wishing to indulge in recreational activities such as tours, excursions, sightseeing etc. are required to use licensed tourism service providers that have been certified by the Public Health Authority. Please visit for the list of approved tourism service providers.

Return Flight

Some countries and airlines have introduced a mandatory requirement for passengers to have a negative PCR test before boarding to aircraft when returning home. The test for COVID-19 is available in Seychelles. All tests for the virus are conducted in the Public Health Lab of the Seychelles Hospital by qualified health professionals according to set international standards. Visitors who will require the test should contact the Public Health Authority via email on or telephone +248 4388410 well in advance to make the necessary arrangements. The PCR test currently costs SCR 2,500. Children under 12 years old and persons 65 years or older are exempted from the fee. Results are usually ready within 48 hours.

Please visit the website of Seychelles Hospital for additional information:

We are committed to welcome our guests to our hotel with the same warmth and hospitality. Whenever you are ready to travel, the Coral Strand team will be here to welcome you for yet another memorable experience with us.

Kind regards,
Coral Strand Smart Choice

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